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Invisible Wounds


"Invisible Wounds", formerly called "I: The Movie",  has developed from a short film into a dramatic TV series following six individuals and their journeys from trauma to healing.  


Episode 1 introduces MB, haunted by body dysmorphia and an eating disorder rooted in childhood trauma. Through the magic of mirrors, lighting, prosthetics, and CGI editing, we watch as MB's nightmare comes to life right before her eyes. She must face that which she's so long avoided if she truly wants to overcome the pain and heal from it.


Season 1 episodes, based on true stories gathered from our social media campaign, will create 1st person impressions of what it is like to experience trauma and the coping mechanisms that manifest from it in settings from war, domestic abuse, religious and racial harassment, a tragic death of a child, and a natural disaster. The audience will experience the inside of the protagonist's mind and the thoughts, feelings, and actions they process as they face their trauma and move towards healing. 

The social media movements #FaceYourTrauma and #HealYourNarrative accompany this series and have had a tremendous impact already on the general public. 


Our message?

You Are Not Alone.  There IS hope. 

Invisible Wounds 2.jpg

This video is the crowdfunding campaign video shot in May 2018. The project has since changed its name from "I" to "Invisible Wounds" and has expanded from a short film into a tv series. 

Allergy Actress Cooking

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*Check out the AAC Facebook or IMDB pages for details about the show, recipes, and healthy nuggets of wisdom!

*Check out the media we've received:

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Interview with Parenting Food Allergies Podcast

Join actress Mary Beth Eversole as she brings humor, energy, and lightheartedness to cooking with food allergies. Not only that, she will cook food that EVERYONE will enjoy!! Bring love and peace of mind back into cooking and eating while bringing family and friends together to celebrate the joy of amazing and safe food!!

Season 1 & new episodes of Season 2 are now airing on our Youtube Channel

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